Please join us this Thursday, July 11 at the Baja Cantina.  The meeting begins at noon.  Come a few minutes early if you'd like time to chat with club members and to order lunch.  Help us to welcome in new 2019-2020 President Pat Zane, President-Elect Ted Shanks, returning Secretary Vicky Blakesley, Treasurer and Immediate Past President Bob Macaulay, and  Kurt Turner, Lang Hadley, Henry Jones and Mary Budke Avenues of Service directors.
If you'd like to participate but are unable to do so in person, please open the Go To Meeting app on your electronic device and log into Sequim Rotary.  You'll be able to see, hear, be seen and heard on screen.  Several members regularly attend meetings this way from their offices, homes or while travelling the world.  All you need is a good internet connection and your electronic device and there is no cost to participate.