Boys & Girls Club Kitchen Upgrade

Community Grant of $2,500 will be matched by the Rotary Club of Sequim.



The Boy’s and Girl’s Club and Rotary Club of Sequim are moving forward on a Community Grant of $2,500 which will be matched by the Rotary Club of Sequim.

The grant, which has been approved is to renovate the Boy’s and Girl’s Club kitchen, making the kitchen staff more efficient, cost effective and able to provide more meals to children than last year’s total of over 22,000.

Currently staff is looking at Ice Machines locally to see if there might be suitable one that could be accepted as a contribution. If none are determined to be available the staff will request bids on a new unit. In addition, the staff has requested bids for a commercial meat slicer which would greatly reduce the cost of preparing sliced meats for childrens’ meals, a commercial mixer for their daily scratch baking and storage equipment. The goal is to have all the new equipment installed and paperwork off to District by the end of March so there is adequate time to complete the reporting to District and be reimbursed before the end of this Rotary year.