Rotary Foundation Update!

Contributions to Rotary Foundation are typically $100 per member.



In a normal year, the projection for contributions to the Foundation are typically $100 per member. This year (by a duplication error) the goal of $6,450 exceeds that by almost double. I am happy to report, however that to the end of November our club has contributed $3,625 and I have the expectation that there will be perhaps as much as another $2,000 contributed between now and the end of the Rotary year. It may be possible to meet the published $6,450 goal.

All but two of our newer members have accumulated well over 100 in recognition points. I would like to propose that we exchange points within the club to help members attain their next Recognition level. I would be happy to hear feedback on that idea.

In the next meeting or two I will be awarding at least two PHF levels and perhaps a major donor award.

Last year I was pleased we were able to attain, as a club, Every Rotarian Every Year. We also attained a Sustaining Member Club where our average gifts totaled over $100 per our total membership. With the exception of one member on our roster who had withdrawn their membership, all members attained their Paul Harris Fellow, several for the first time. I believe this year we will be able to maintain our entire membership as a Paul Harris Club, an EREY Club and Sustaining Member Club with an average of $200 per member!

Rochelle McHugh
Foundation Chair