Please get your cup of coffee this Thursday, June 18th and join the members of the Rotary Club of Sequim a few minutes before noon on our regular Zoom lunch meeting.  If you haven't received a meeting ID, please email for an invitation.  All folks interested in Sequim and Rotary in general, are welcome!
This week's program will be a Trip down Memory Lane.  Cy Frick, a 60 year Rotarian and Rochelle McHugh, a 25 year Rotarian will reminisce about projects, events and former Rotarians the Rotary Club of Sequim has been involved with over our 90 year history of service to our local and international community.  Perhaps club members will be inspired by the conversation to formulate new ideas for projects and fundraisers during these interesting times.  Many new opportunities can certainly be seized upon and old ideas be shaken up a bit!