L-R Doug Schwarz, Erik Wiker, Cherry Bibler, Shawn Langston, Ted Shanks & Jim Jones
A third adaptive tricycle was donated to Sequim Public Schools by the Rotary Club of Sequim.  Accepting the tricycle was School Physical Therapist Cherry Bibler, Adaptive PE teacher Erik Wiker and SHS Principal Shawn Langston.  The Rotary Club of Sequim Adaptive Bike Program Committee members Doug Schwarz, Ted Shanks and Jim Jones are show in the photo.  Ms. Bibler has been the local health professional and liason to the Rotary Club and has helped identify children who would benefit from a gift of an adaptive tricycle custom made by Rifton TM bikes.  (Not shown in the photo) Special Education Director, Shelley Langston helped coordinate this school gift process.  Bible has a BS in physical therapy from the University of Oklahoma and has worked as a physical therapist for 38 years and for the Sequim school district for 25 years.  This Rifton TM bike was built using Bibler's specification and will be used by many students, including 5 middle school and 5 high school students in the adaptive PE program. This particular tricycle has a rear steering bar so an adult can walk alongside the rider and help with steering if necessary.  It also has seatbelts, a back support and foot straps to secure riders with limited strength and it has pedals that rotate as the bike moves forward.  (This feature is critical for students with special needs as they learn the coordination necessary for pedaling.)  "Our students can ride every day with me and another staff member, which wasn't possible with the older tricycles," said Bibler.  Cherry also commented "Although this tricycle program is just beginning, we have already seen remarkable benefits including physical, social and communication growth directly related to riding a tricycle.  I am honored that the Rotary Club of Sequim chose me to assist and I look foward to our continued partnership.  We are very excited and appreciate this generous git to our school and will be utilized for many years."
For more information or to contribute toward this program, please contact Doug Schwarz at sequimrotary@gmail.com