We'd love you to join us to listen to Jim Buck, former Washington State Representative speak to us about earthquake preparedness and the Lessons Learned from Puerto Rico's recovery from Hurricane Maria in 2017.  Jim has been acitively speaking to local communities, city councils, state government officials of his concern about the Pacific Northwest's disaster preparedness.  He has been instrumental in helping his community of Joyce in the storing of food/water and provisions necessary if the "Big One" should happen in our lifetime.
Jim will be speaking at our luncheon this Thursday, Dec 6 at the Baja Cantina in Sequim on the corner of 5th and Washington.  Please join us at 11:45 if you'd like to order lunch.  The meeting will begin approximately noon and will conclude at 1:15 pm.  If you'd like to hear Jim's presentation but are unable to attend in person, please use Go-To-Meeting on your electronic device and join SequimRotary.