Please join us to hear Eric Lewis speak about the challenge facing Olympic Medical Center.  Out of the 3,700 hospitals across the country, about 100 rural hospitals will be impacted and 50 hospitals could see significant cuts, up to 60%, in medicare reimbursements due to a federal proposal to cut Medicare reimbursements by $47 million over the next decade.  Olympic Medical Center is the only rural hospital in the state that would be affected and that’s because of its Sequim campus and its clinic on Eighth and Vine streets in Port Angeles.  If the services at those clinics were provided on OMC’s main campus, the public hospital would not be facing cuts.

Mr. Lewis will be speaking this Thursday, November 11th at Baja Cantina at the Rotary Club's regular lunch meeting.  Please arrive about 11:45 am if you'd like to order lunch.  The meeting begins at noon and concludes at approximately 1:15 p.m.

If you're unable to join us in person, please feel free to participate by using Go To Meeting on your electronic device and join Sequim Rotary.  You will be able to see, be seen, hear and converse with members at the restaurant.