Ted Shanks                                             Jeremiah Meyer
New member and retired airline pilot Ted Shanks will be presenting his Classification talk.  Meeting participants will have the opportunity to ask Ted questions after his presentation.  Club member  Kurt Turner has arranged for Jeremiah Meyer to speak to our club. His organization is the "General Alliance for Veterans Education" (VETS GAVE). Their mission is to help veterans and their families achieve education and empowerment through community resources. Their website is vetsgave.org
If you'd like to join us, please arrive at Baja Cantina southwest corner of Washington and Fifth Avenue this Thursday, February 7 at noon for the hour and half long meeting.  If you'd like to order lunch, please arrive a few minutes early.
If you'd like to participate but cannot attend in person, please use the app Go-to-Meeting and log on to Sequim Rotary using your computer, tablet or electronic device.  We apologize if you tried unsuccesively to log on to last weeks meeting.  We had technical difficulties and were unable to successfully start our online meeting.  Please try again and if you'd like, text 360-460-1421 if you need assistance.