Dec 16th Board Meeting Developments

  • Corporate Membership Program adopted by board of directors.
  • Board voted unanimously to appoint an ad hoc committee to conduct a mission analysis of our organization.
Dear Fellow Rotarians,
The monthly board meeting for our Club took place this morning and was very well attended with only two absent. There were a number of important items on the agenda and I wanted to be sure you were all aware of these developments simultaneously.
1. We have agreed to adopt a "Corporate Membership" program to encourage businesses to participate as members of our Club. Full details are available from Dave Mattingley. We will have Dave share this information at a future noon meeting so that you can all consider potential businesses to join our organization.
2. Erwin Jones has resigned from our Club for personal reasons with immediate effect.
3. The board voted unanimously to appoint an ad hoc committee to conduct a mission analysis of our organization. This committee will consist of 5 members of the Club (to be named shortly) and they will be tasked with assessing and considering various opportunities for the future of the Rotary Club of Sequim. This will include exploring the option of a possible merger with Sequim Sunrise, but the committee will not include any members from the Sunrise Club. The committee will be asked to meet, prepare a recommendation and present this recommendation to the board. The results will then be shared with the membership and we will all have the opportunity to comment, vote and so on. This process will follow a formal procedure and will be transparent to all members.
As soon as we have a committee assembled I will share the names of those serving so that you may approach them individually to share your opinions if you wish. My suggested date for the committee report to the board will be our February board meeting.
As always, thank you for all you do to serve our Club. Please do not hesitate to be in touch if you have any questions.
Yours in Rotary,