ADAPTIVE BIKE PRESENTATION – (L-R) Jim Jones, Cherry Bibler, Molly Booth, Mayra Torres, Rodney Torres, Ted Shanks and Teles Torres. (Photo by Doug Schwarz)
In the environment surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, social distancing and school closures, the Rotary Club of Sequim recently awarded an adaptive tricycle to Rodney Torres, a 7- year old who has special needs.  Rodney was reluctant to ride at first even though he had experienced riding his school’s adaptive tricycle with Sequim Schools’ physical therapist, Cherry Bibler.  Once fitted with his new bike helmet, he started to enjoy pedaling the bike while his father directed it using the steering bar.  Rodney’s parents, Mayra and Teles Torres, were excited to see the joy on their son’s face as he rode on the beautiful blue Rifton tricycle.  The specialized tricycle is extremely stable and durable and riding it will help Rodney work on strength, balance, coordination, and functional motor skills.  This is the sixth adaptive bike the Rotary Club of Sequim has given to local children with special needs.
 The Rotary Club of Sequim adaptive bike program committee members Jim Jones, Doug Schwarz and
Ted Shanks work with local health professionals and the Sequim school district to identify children who
will benefit from the gift of an adaptive tricycle custom made for the student by the Rifton Company.
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