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Sequim Noon

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Sequim! 

Thursdays at 11:45 AM
Baja Cantina Restaurant
531 W. Washington St.
Sequim, WA  98382
United States
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His private practice (DeSalvo Performance, PLLC) is focused on helping athletes and public performers maximize their mental strength, competitive edge and life balance in order to perform their best when it counts the most.

Carol Willis of Olympic Theatre Arts will be our presenter.  Her focus will be Youth Programs.  Please join us in person 11:45 am at Baja Cantina on the corner of Fifth and Washington or if unable to attend in person you may join us via Go To Meeting and log into Sequim Rotary.  Call or text Ed at 300-714-7562 if you need assistance.
Carol Willis of Olympic Theatre Arts will be our presenter.  Her focus will be Youth Programs.  Please join us in person 11:45 am at Baja Cantina on the corner of Fifth and Washington or if unable to attend in person you may join us via Go To Meeting and log into Sequim Rotary.  Call or text Ed at 300-714-7562 if you need assistance.
Member Rotarian Dr. Vicky Blakesley, specializing in research and development spoke to the club on January 4.  Dr Blakesley spoke about factors influencing the cost of prescription drugs.
A very big thank you to Bob Hitchcock for his guidance from his new home in Vancouver, Washington.  Bob and AJ recently re-located and both have new positions in a large senior care facility.  The Rotary Club of Sequim is sorry to see you go and want you to know that your smiling faces will be missed at lunch. Even though Bob gave it the "College Try" it proved to be a difficult task to continue in his role as 2017-2018 President remotely.  Bob tendered his resignation reluctantly and Past President Ed Ebling agreed to complete his year's role and return as President.  The club will continue forward with Bob's idea to implement an electronic element to the club.  Members and guests will be able to access the weekly lunch meetings, held at Baja Cantina visually and verbally through software.  A "distance learning" type computer feed will be set up each week allowing those attending in person or remotely to interact.  Beta testing will be in progress over the Thanksgiving holiday.  For more information or to access our next lunch meeting remotely on November 30th if you're unable to attend in person, please phone 360-460-1421
Peter Haglin of Companion Portfolio will speak to us about the state of the stock market tomorrow at lunch.  Please join us at 11:45 am at Baja Cantina for an information filled presentation.
Tonight  at 6 pm Jayme Wisecup of Clallam County Emergency Planning will visit with Rotarian Rochelle and her neighbors regarding disaster preparedness.  This is a follow up to Chief Orr's visit a couple weeks ago with members of her neighborhood about possible disasters that could occur on the Olympic Peninsula. If you'd like to join us, please phone 360-460-1421 for more information.                               
Looking forward to see you all this Thursday at Baja Cantina.  11:45 am-1:15 pm
Rotary Club of Sequim members please check your email for an important message from Past President Ed regarding our upcoming Board Meeting 7:30 am Tuesday Nov 14th
There will be no luncheon this week.  Secretary Blakes will be on hand at Baja Cantina in the event guests or visiting Rotarians arrive looking for a meeting.  Please call 360-775-5820 for more info.
Our regular 11:45 lunch will resume Thursday, October 19th.
See you next week!
District Governor Tom Carroll, representing Rotary clubs on the Olympic Peninsula, spoke with local radio KSQM FM when visiting both the Rotary Club of Sequim and Sequim Sunrise Rotary.  At the invitation of President Bob Hitchcock, Rotary Club of Sequim and Mike Howe, Sequim Sunrise Rotary, Tom discussed all aspects of Rotary Internation with the radio host on Friday, July 21, 2017.
Club members enjoyed beautiful weather and a great time at the Lavendar Festival's Street Faire.  It was an all members hands-on-deck weekend selling tickets for our upcoming 49th Salmon Bake on August 13th and introducing members of the public to Rotary, our club projects and lovely Lucy the pet-able little cocker spaniel who is a member of the Hitchcock family and an ambassor of good feelings.
If you're interested in learning more about Rotary or buying Salmon Bake tickets, please email or phone. 253-306-3741
In lieu of our regular lunch meeting the two club's boards will meet this evening with new District Governor Tom Carroll.  Social hour will begin at 6 pm at The Fifth, followed by dinner.
Friday morning all members are encouraged to join Sequim Sunrise at Sunland's banquet room at 7 am to listen to District Governor Carroll share his thoughts for this Rotary yeah.
Please join us today at 11:45 at Baja Cantina for lunch. Our experiment with an monthly evening meeting has been concluded. Help us welcome new President Bob to Rotary year 2017-2018!
Assistant District Governor Bill James installed new board members Friday evening.  The function began with a social hour at The Fifth and concluded with a delicious Surf and Turf meal.
Ed Ebling reviewed all the activities of his year's administration.  Incoming President Bob welcomed his new board and reminded all that the Lavender Festival and Salmon Bake are coming up right away.
 Join us Thursdays 11:45am-1:15pm at SequimRotary
contact us at:
Dr. Carolyn DeSalvo
May 24, 2018 11:45 AM
Food as Medicine
Deb Cox
May 31, 2018 11:45 AM
Puppy Pilots
May 2018
Home Page News
Congratulations to Dave and Patsy on finding a new home near grandchildren in Annapolis. You will be greatly missed in Sequim! Thank you, both for all your contributions to our Rotary club and to our community!  Best of luck in your new community.  Enjoy those grandchildren!
The annual Harry Hughes Memorial Dictionary Project is underway for 2015. Hardbound dictionaries have been ordered for every 4th grader attending one of the schools in the Sequim School District. Rotarians have signed up to label the new books and to put them into the hands of our school children in the next few days.

Club members! If you haven't signed up to help, do so NOW. This is one our most fun projects each year!

Boys & Girls Club Kitchen Upgrade

Community Grant of $2,500 will be matched by the Rotary Club of Sequim.


Rotarians Pack Thanksgiving Baskets at Food Bank
Noon Rotary and Sunrise Rotary packed Thanksgiving grocery baskets.